About IncarnateMe

Incarnate.Me is a federated identity server and single-sign-on service point. This is a website where you can register an IncarnateMe account (brought to you by Novelty Factor LLC). An IncarnateMe account is an OAuth 2.0 enabled user account, allowing you to have a single sign-on experience with multiple enabled sites.

What is a (Federated) Identity Server?

Short Answer: It allows you to use one login for multiple sites.

Long Answer: An identity server is a (web)site that keeps track of user accounts and their associated personal information. Many sites behind the scenes have some form of an identity server (account management) either as a separate entity or built-in to the particular software they are using. The difference between these account management tools and a federated identity server is that a federated identity server is built for the sole purpose of allowing other decentralized servers to use it’s account management services as an authentication method.

What is Single-Sign-On (SSO)?

The idea of single-sign-on is to have one singular account associated with an identity that allows you to authenticate, or login, to multiple sites/locations. So you are using a single account with a single username and a single password to log in to several different places. This is known as single-sign-on (SSO).

Who Runs This Server / Who Built This?

This server is maintained and run by Novelty Factor LLC (https://noveltyfactor.com/). It was built using secure and reviewed open-source components that are always kept up to date to ensure the latest security patches. The technologies for SSO that are currently employed are OAuth 2.0, an industry standard federated login system.

What Was The Inspiration?

As Lead Developer I have always been fascinated with the idea of digital expression, or even just digital mechanisms, as being a sort of “place” or having some kind of “location.” This place, or setting, exists solely in our minds and is implemented by how we interact with the digital machines and their rules to shape an abstract space. I have future projects in the works that will hopefully allow me to explore this concept further, and with those projects in mind I created this identity server.

I call it IncarnateMe because when you are “in” a digital space you are usually represented in some way by an avatar, being a digital representation of your usually ideal self. That avatar doesn’t have to be “you,” but can be anything: a dog, an alien, a cardboard box, a person, etc. In this way you become “incarnate” in the abstract space. Hopefully, this server can be used to “incarnate” users into their digital spaces.

What Sites Currently Use Incarnate.Me?

Sites that currently (or are in development to) use the IncarnateMe system include:

Can Any Site Use This Service?

For security purposes, any site that wants to use Incarnate.Me as it’s authentication service must establish a confidential API key. Registration of API keys is currently disabled, but they may be opened in the future.