Team / Credits

Asher Wolfstein conceived Incarnate Me in summer 2019 as part of a vision for an interconnected network of websites. It was set-up and published in its current form in December 2020 and launched in January of 2021. It uses open-source technology to deliver its end-user experience combined with custom design and programming.

About Asher Wolfstein – Lead Developer and Administrator

A proud autodidact interested in the intersection between art and computational technology, Asher Wolfstein has previously worked as a movie actor, a professional programmer, an insurance salesman, an educational technology paraprofessional, and in advertising as a costumed performer. He currently works as the “Executive Creative Genius” of Novelty Factor LLC, heading up the development and deployment lifecycles of their website network. He posts his thoughts, musings, and project updates on his blog World Of Wunk.

About Maus Merryjest – Community Coordinator and Superintendent of Moderation

Maus Merryjest has always been interested in creative expression- as a singer, artist, and storyteller, he recognizes that creativity and the free exchange of ideas are most likely to flourish in an environment geared towards encouraging the better part of our natures and genuine, sincere exploration instead of controversy and banality. He hopes to bring this sense of connection and creative encouragement to Incarnate Me to create a place where we can plant the seeds of a better internet today. Maus has studied multimedia technologies, classical music, and art and has traveled through various countries worldwide, gaining an appreciation of history and philosophy. He maintains a healthy interest in visual media and video game design and writing. He is also the co-host of the Broken Clock Podcast, a podcast about critical thinking, with Liana Kerzner.